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Voting daily for our servers gives you awesome rewards and helps us attract more players!

To vote for the server, click on the links to the right and enter your Minecraft username.
You will automatically be rewarded in-game!


Every vote gives you 50 MobCoins. Check your coins with '/MobCoins'
Vote consistently to increase your chances at winning the real cash prize:

Winner 15 Dollars Store Voucher + 6 Monthly Keys
Last Winner: Agent2007

At the end of each month, we reward the top 5 players
who have voted the most times throughout the month:

1st 15 Dollars Store Voucher + 6 Monthly Keys
2nd 10 Dollars Store Voucher + 4 Season Keys
3rd 2 Legendary Keys + 1500 Coins
4th 1000 Mob Coins
5th 500 Mob Coins

All vote rewards are now paid out in our custom currency,
which can be converted to store gift cards in-game using a soon to be determined command.

1x Vote Key
5x Diamond Blocks
50x MobCoins

List 1 - https://bit.ly/2ZaT3l7
List 2 - https://bit.ly/2F3G2Tp
List 3 - https://bit.ly/32ZT2BB
List 4 - https://bit.ly/3lvjvhw
List 5 - https://bit.ly/2ElmREn
List 6 - https://bit.ly/3ifr2zK
List 7 - https://bit.ly/3gI5hJJ

Minecraft Server Luxily Network

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