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Reboot of the server!
Started by JustAlex11

2021 Luxily Network Server Reboot
This is a reboot of the server, in the past JustAlex11 (ME) owned the server. I sold it to someone but the new owner and me have agreed that I manage everything and then split the server 50/50 with the new owner. This will make it easier on the Luxily Network Team to work and never have to worry about server shutting down.

So What Needs To Be Done?

Here is our list:
* Staff
* Website rebuild
* The Marketing Campaign
* Advertising

You may be asking what do I get from helping the server out? well you will have at minimum a donator rank on the server, if you would like to become support staff and help out with managing the server, then I'm sure something can be agreed upon...

Well, I only want to be staff, I don't really want to help build...

well if that's what you are thinking, please do apply here, as we will be needing staff at this point, but as the server isn't publicly live yet the main focus is on the points above....
How To Apply

Please apply on our careers page at the bottom of the website.


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