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If this gets successful will you make this your full-time job?
4 months ago

4 months ago

I have a question. After hitting virtual walls did you ever get a concussion?
4 months ago

I love it.... It keeps me motivated to work harder
4 months ago

Working on the server is easy when you start hitting virtual walls.......... Your head hurts a little
5 months ago

8 months ago
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Hey My Name is Alex I am the server Owner of Luxily. I am here to tell you about me here it goes. My favorite food is Tacos, and favorite drink is Fanta.
2021 Luxily Network Server RebootThis is a reboot of the server, in the past JustAlex11 (ME) owned the server. I sold it to someone but the new owner and me have agreed that I manage everything and then split the server 50/50 with the new owner. This will make it easier on the Luxily Network Team to work and never have to worry about server shutting down.So What Needs To Be Done? Here is our list:* Staff* Website rebuild* The Marketing Campaign* Advertising You may be asking what do I get from helping the server out? well you will have at minimum a donator rank on the server, if you would like to become support staff and help out with managing the server, then I'm sure something can be agreed upon...Well, I only want to be staff, I don't really want to help build...well if that's what you are thinking, please do apply here, as we will be needing staff at this point, but as the server isn't publicly live yet the main focus is on the points above....How To ApplyPlease apply on our careers page at the bottom of the website.
24 days ago

Monthly Top Voters:This month was really hard for Luxily Network due to a lot of staff leaving and more players are getting on the server and new staff getting hired we had many things go wrong with the server. This month we are giving away a free rank of choice to the top player. This will encourage the players to vote more and get that FREE rank that they always wanted. Let the race begin  1st   DarkDragon2019 187 Votes 2nd    xSip 125 Votes 3rd   Ryanmfd 36 Votes 4th   Fedge08 31 Votes 5th   Das_Venom 24 Votes How do I receive my coupon?All Buycraft coupons will be sent via a direct message on this website. If you are one of the winners, please ensure your website username is the same as your Minecraft username, so we are able to find you! Please allow up to 24 hours to receive the coupon codes (Do note that the coupon codes are not sent out the exact same time this message is posted)! if you havent recieved your rewards please open a ticket in discord please.Upcoming Month:All of the monthly votes have now been reset, so start voting now for your chance to be a winner for next months Buycraft coupons! To vote for the server (and to view the current monthly top voters list) visit the following page Here. If multiple players obtain maximum amount of votes for the month, the winners are selected at random. Good Luck to everyone participating!   It was a really close race!On a separate note the vouchers in march crate should be fixed!
3 months ago

PATCH 1.18 Hey Guys, Thank you so much for sticking around to see a new patch. This patch is a really big one. We all worked as a team to fix it and there is still a lot to do in terms of bugs. We also wanted to tell you that there will be a MAINTENANCE on FEB 7th from 12:00 AM to FEB 9th - Unknown Time.Server updates - Fixed January Kit - Website updated to new theme - Vote Party Crate Changed - New Payout Hologram - Fixed the store (Mob Coins the command wasnt giving out them) - Fixed the ranks added the right command (when you get a new rank its now beeing added instead of set to your profile) - New plugin Generators (Allows players to get Mobcoins generated or diamond blocks or emerald - Added to vote crate) - Fixed the announcements (were spamming in game now its set to 145 sec) - Fixed MOD rank - changed color to gold instead of blue - Added sponge block to /value - Added Boss eggs (Crates area) - Added perms to use boss eggs - Added crop top hoes  - Added Perms to use crop top hoes - Fixed Island top issue - NEW ITEMS ADDED (GENERATORS) - NOW you can get it from a crate TI, TII, TIII (T= Tier) - Added kit Magic Wand to the kit menu now only available in crates - Added Generators to crate legendary - Added Mob boss to legendary crate as well - Added Inventory Pets to the game - Fixed Drops chances - Fixed the sell wand in voteparty crate - Added inventory pets to voteparty crate - Added generators to voteparty crate - Released Valentines Crate - Added more items to valentines crate - Switched January to February crate - Fixed Spelling in supply drops announcements - Released Lucky Blocks (https://luxily.net/forum/topic/73-lucky-blocks--update/) - Fixed Youtuber perms - Switched crates - Added more menus in spawn - Fixed Spelling in spawn - Modified loot from Bosses - Fixed Bounty glitch  - Fixed Paid ranks inheretance issue Website Updates - FAQ SECTION IS NOW MORE VISIBLE  - REMOVE PLAYER LOOKS - ADDED MORE INTERACTIVE MENUES FOR STAFF NEWS: Important Announcement: SERVER WILL BE CLOSED: 2/7/21 - 2/9/21 - WORKING ON UPDATES
3 months ago

  INTRODUCING LUCKY BLOCKS these blocks are so powerfull they will make your parents HYPED UP!WHAT DO THEY DO?these blocks will give you everything from new mobs and rewards and more. They are designed to spice up the gameHOW CAN I GET ONE? there are three ways you can get them/lbmenu First way:This can be done by killing one of the bosses in PVP and getting the loot from him. this way is very rare but rewarding  Second Way:is the Mining Tools this way is easier but also you dont get a super OP items!Third Way:this way is more common but also kinda hard because you have to think.All three ways are good but if your not into it you could just get them in crates, vouches and other places such as Mob Coins.GOOD LUCK TO ALL!
3 months ago

Mystic1970: Q1) How many subscribers do you have?  282Q2) What is your in-game name? Mystic1970Q3) What is your Discord IGN? Mystic#8183Q4) What is your YouTube channels URL? https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMN8yBTLMJLu4tN_FVfstRQR1) Please link a previously recorded video or stream on the network.alex said i could skipA1) Do you agree to be respectful to players and staff and to not abuse this rank? yes ACCEPTED 
4 months ago