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I vouch for MochiCookie because they were being very helpful and gave me my stuff when i died
About 1 month ago

I vouch MochiCookie beacuase he helped me the ah and more around the money area of the server
About 1 month ago

I vouch MochiCookie beacuase he helped me understanding everything on the server
About 1 month ago

I vouch, Mochi offered help as soon as I got on the server.
About 1 month ago

massive vouch for MochiCookie as he is an amazing staff member.
About 1 month ago

vouch for MochiCookie. great staff
About 1 month ago

Vouching for MochiCookie. Good staff.
About 1 month ago

I confidently vouch for MochiCookie for his kind service
About 1 month ago

Very good staff, he helped me how to play on this wonderful server in a very lovely and generous way. Thanks mochi
About 1 month ago

3 months ago
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I am Mochi and I am Cookie I am MOCHICOOKIE! I wear a Christmas skin all year round. DM me if you need help.
To vouch for someone on the server go to www.luxily.net And in the dropdown menu where it say guest click register.  Enter your information and verify your email address.  After that login and find whoever you are vouching for.  (If you are vouching for a staff member go to the staff section.)   Click on the person.  Post on wall I vouch (Reason)
about 1 month ago

What were the most difficult times?  
about 1 month ago

Hello there!  My name is MochiCookie but feel free to call my Mochi.  I'm always open to questions and if you ever need someone to talk to, feel free to contact me.  I do a lot of stuff with players and other staff.  My island is officially named MochiVille and contact me if you want to be a citizen. 
about 1 month ago

Hello fellow co-worker, Agent2007 is technically out boss. (As long as were helpers) And he hates when I call him boss. JOIN THE REBELION!!! And call him boss.  
2 months ago