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Hi there, I am back with another bug, this time just a shop calculation bug with the selling of cobblestone, it says "-$" when you hover over sell all but it does give you the correct amount of money for it.   Images Links: https://prnt.sc/w1h7ra https://prnt.sc/w1h7to   Hope this helps, RatedMC
5 months ago

Hi there, I have just purchased an Iron Golem spawner from /shop (with the help of Agent2007). I have just placed this in on my island and it turned to a Pig Spawner? Image Link: https://prnt.sc/w1fyx1 https://prnt.sc/w1fxq2 Many thanks, RatedMC  
5 months ago

Hi there, I found another bug, if you do /is to bring up the stats of your island and click your player at the top is comes up saying "Me is not a valid menu!". See below images of this. Link Images: https://prnt.sc/w19zpp https://prnt.sc/w19zyc   Hope this helps, RatedMC
5 months ago

Hi there, I think the discord would look cleaner if you move the bots below all the players in discord, at the moment they are just cluttering the right side. See image below.   Image Link: https://prnt.sc/w19ru8   Hope this helps, RatedMC
5 months ago

Hi there, I think the store link should be on the navigation bar here: Image Link : https://prnt.sc/w19qvd   Thanks, RatedMC
5 months ago