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Heyy, I'm Mariah and let me tell you a little about me. I'm Australian but no I don't eat kangaroo! I'm your fun-loving non-binary admin and I go by they/them but I don't get offended if people use anything else other than those. Feel free to contact me, I don't bite (: Much love and take care <3


Hello everyone, we are finally in January and here is the first patch update for the month and the New Year! I hope everyone had a wonderful New Years like I did. I spent it sleeping! Without further ado, let's get into it!Server updates -Fixed the crates not giving out the items (rare and legendary ) -Switched the crates so one becomes more important -Added the limit of hopper placement to 7 instead of 2 -Added Discord SRV -Fixed the issue with the ranks not properly giving integers -Added tags to the store -/payouts now a thing -Updated mobcoins shop -Updated kits -Updated clear lag -Added antibot plugin -Fixed the lag issue with items de-spawning -Added npc to spawn -Fixed the tags -Added more items to store online -Issued beta tester to KevinOG -Fixed hopers issue -Fixed shop now more stable economy -Fixed Rare Crate giving 1000 Mob coins instead of 500 -Fixed Advanced Crate not giving Repair Voucher -Fixed Join / Leave messages not displaying Player Name -Modified the tab (now displays the tps and removed how many people are on at the bottom since you can see it in the scoreboard -Added Head Helper in the perms file now agent is displayed as one -Fixed the issue with kit not being as a voucher -Fixed the tab issue not displaying the full name -Fixed the bans infractions  -Started work on rare package in the drops menu -Added Polls in the game now you can answer -Added perms for the polls -Fixed Legendary Crate with Monthly Crate -Back up 144 detected and deleted -Cache Is cleared/ Server optimised -Changed the server spawn to original  -Hired new Helper  -Retired some staff -Added time to /ah gui now you can see how much time is left on the item that is auctioned -Fixed redeeming ender trail voucher not giving the trail bug -Fixed Ore Generator not upgrading with /ranks Website Updates-Fixed The website when asked for DOB and How did you hear about us -Friendly URLs are now enabled (no more php.?/home/page/questionmark) -Added dev application -Fixed the tags -Added the new closed tag in applications -Fixed spelling in helper app    
4 months ago

Hello again for another weekly patch update. There are a mountain load of changes this week ahead of the release. With that being said, we released Luxily officially to the general public. Let's have a look at some changes that have occured in the past week!Server Changes: - Optimised the server switched jars - Reorganized Santa Crate - Updated Anticheat - Added new plugin (play time) - rewards player for staying on the server! - Added new Npcs in spawn (coming soon, and time played) - Fixed lag issue -Fixed bugs on the server (tick speed) -Fixed prices now cactus and sugercane are more important to obtain -Added command /values to check what is most precious material to use to gain levels on the island -Added two more items in the mobcoins (should be in the next cycle) -Added NPC lottery -Remove island top plugin searching for new one due to errors in the code -Fixed pvp lag -Fixed the lag in crates -Fixed the chat issue -Added leaderheads -Fixed spam in the console about missing lines of code -Removed lottery plugin  -Fixed skipping time bug due to island top -Deleted island top plugin  -Fixed the crate issue with gkit now has right perm -Fixed Rank issue in Mobcoins now it has flame rank -Fixed command in advanced crate -Kit bundle in the crate -Fixed the leaderheads not showing actual level of the leaderboard -Fixed crate summer with keys and iron golem spawners -Fixed the mobcoins not giving sell wand to players -Fixed the price on Luxily Hopers   Website changes:-Added rules in rules page in the rules category on the website -Removed staff that are no longer part of the community to retired -Added anti-grief protection search tool for website -Fixed permissions on the website    
5 months ago

Firstly I'd like to introduce five new staff members to our team:- Ninja (Helper)-ThRux (Helper)- Agent (Helper) - Rated (Helper) - Cookie (Helper) Here is another December patch: Server Changes: - Fixed Spawners turning to pigs when purchased from shop - Added Upgrading Hoppers (Just awaiting configuration) - Optimized server, removed a lot of lag - Removed bugs -Added /trash command -Added 8th link to /vote -Added Npc votetop -Fixed MobCoins  - Updated commands - Updated custom enchants Website Changes: - Added helper page to navigate -Added permissions for staff to see applications -Fixed unknown error in status page - Added link to store page on navigation bar - Added FAQ to forums  -Added more applications on the website
5 months ago

Helloo everyone, we are so excited to annouce that we are getting so much closer to the official release. Thank you for playing the wonderful server we love today. With that being said however, here's your next patch update. Happy Holidays everyone <3 Server Changes: - Updated December crate  - Optimised server -Updated the voteparty plugin - Added hologram to the VoteParty crate - Fixed permissions to view menu  - Upgraded menu   Website Changes: - Fixed staff applications
5 months ago

Hello Luxily community, I'm Mariah and I'm one of your admins and I'd to introduce one of the ways we inform our players about the very many events that we have on offer, Newsletters. We believe that it is vital that our players know what is going on every week and what upcomin events they can look forward to getting involved in. These newletters will include features like upcoming events, sales, important dates and general Luxily discussion that we believe our players need to know.It is encouraged that everyone (including staff) take a moment to read each newsletter. You can find every newsletter here, under this forum and will show all newsletters in case you would like to refer back to a previous newsletter.To more specifically outline what will be included in each newsletter, these will include updates coming to the server. These will include various plugins, new crates, ranks ect. This will also include the status of our staff team and whether we are accepting new staff or not at any given time. In the seasons of holidays such as Christmas, Valentine's Day, Thanksgiving ect, the server events relating to that specific holiday will be included. Birthdays will also be posted in each newsletter so if you have a birthday coming up please ensure to let one of our staff know so we can include your birthday in the next newsletter!Newsletters will come begin to roll out in the upcoming weeks so please stay turned for those here. In the meantime, I hope to see you on the server!Much love,Mariah, Luxily Networks.
5 months ago