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Welcome to Luxily's rules page!
On Luxily we want everyone to have the best experience possible. There are some rules and limitations that the staff team has made to help keep everything fair for everyone. Our server rules may be found in the tabs. Please remember that our rules are not limited to everything listed below! Use good common sense and you will be fine.
Punishment Types
Luxily categorizes all punishments into three main categories: Chat, Skyblock Gameplay and Client Modification Offences. There is also a category called Miscellaneous Punishments which outline punishments that don’t fall into the normal punishment severities. In-game offenses will be listed under these three categories below. Each punishment category has three sub-categories called a severity. The higher the severity, the longer the punishment. Also, the more of one type of severity you receive, the longer the punishment. Please note that Severity 1 Chat Offences do not require a warning if the offence is reported through a chatreport or a report ticket on the forums. 
Other punishment types include:
Warning: You will receive an in-game text warning.
IP Ban: Your IP Address will be banned.
• No swearing nor filter bypass.
• Respect both staff and members of our community.
• Do not use this platform as a stage for non-Luxily related business.
• Refrain from tagging members of the Administration Team.
• Be appropriate and do not be vulgar in all chat channels.
• No advertising other networks, servers, websites, or discord servers unrelated to Luxily’s platforms.
• Do not discuss any other servers in channels other than #general.
• Do not spam your voice, music, soundboards, etc in voice channels.
• Do not discuss any user's personal information.
• Do not spam in chat.
• Only post videos in #off-topic.
• Do not be rude.
• Do not troll community members or staff.
• No use of homophobic, racist, or offensive slurs.
• Do not send players spam/inappropriate, unapproved links.
• Do not send malicious threats.
• Memes sent in #memes must be appropriate and follow the general rules and not contain: nudity, harmful meanings, homophobia, racism, or transphobic slurs. It is at the staff's discretion to remove any memes sent that violate our rules.

Note: Rules are subject to unexpected change, it is not the job of our Staff Team to ensure you're updated on and aware of any new rules. Breaking any rules, even without knowledge of their existence, will result in punishment.

Last updated: 23/29/2020

Hi everyone,

This modifications list covers all of the allowed and disallowed modifications on Luxury. If there's a modification that isn't listed, please PM a member of management and we will add it into the correct area.

Below is a list of modifications that are approved by Management, followed by a list blacklisted modifications. This is not a complete list, and there are plenty of other blacklisted modifications not included here. The general rule of thumb is that if a mod gives an unfair advantage, it is not allowed. Please make sure you contact a staff member before using any mod not listed on the approved list.

  • OptiFine
  • Toggle Sprint
  • MiniMap or Map Mods - Mob/Player/Entity/Radar and Cave mode have to be disabled
  • Armor / Potion HUD
  • Gamma
  • Schematica, but not the printer feature
  • UHC Essentials - Damage Indicators
  • Image Uploading Mods
  • Inventory Tweaks - Auto-Replace Pots, or Auto-Equip Armor is banned, and will get you banned
  • Coordinate Mods
  • EiralRC
  • Saturation Display Mods
  • Cape Mods
  • Client Side Chat Mods
  • Client Extension/Mod Loaders - Only while using allowed mods/features with them
  • LiteLoader
  • Forge - As long as all mods used alongside are allowed
  • 5zig
  • LabyMod
  • Shaders - This includes an other visual enhancing mod that does not give an advantage
  • Badlion Client, Lunar Client, Cosmic Client, or any other PvP clients that don't give unfair advantages
  • Macros / Keybinds, refer to the below list of acceptable macros:
    • /ping, /bal, /is top, or any other command that returns information

  • Hacked Clients
  • X-Ray
  • Fly Hacks or Fly Boost that is faster than achievable in vanilla Minecraft
  • Auto Clickers
  • Macros / Keybinds used to give unfair advantages, refer to the below list of some unacceptable macros:
    • /fix or /fix all
    • /sell all
    • /sell hand
    • /block
    • Unscramble chat macros
  • Scripts
  • Radar or ESP Mods
  • Printer (Schematica is allowed, but the Printer feature is forbidden on all gamemodes excluding OP Factions & Creative!)
  • Setting your attack keybind to space or any other key and using it to AFK grind (You will be treated as though you were using an auto-clicker)

Console Clients
You are allowed to use Console Clients on Luxily platforms, but strictly for AFK purposes. This means you are not allowed to use the Script features of the client. The only features you are allowed to use are the AntiAFK and AutoReconnect ones. If you are found to be automatically running commands that could give you an unfair advantage, you will be subject to receiving a hacking ban.

Anti-AFK on SkyBlock
Manually evading the Anti-AFK system on SkyBlock will result in a "Bug Abuse" offence, and using scripts to evade this will result in a "Hacked Client" ban.